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Star Trek Ladies (fancasting): Number One (Actress: Alison Brie)

Number One was featured in the Unaired original pilot for Star Trek.  She was Pike’s First Mate

In Nu Verse, she would have served under Pike as a First Mate but by now has become a Captain of her own vessel, the USS Excalibur.  She is from the planet Illyria.  She is the top intellect for her race, thus why she is called Number One and she is not known by anything else but that.  The Illyrians are very humanoid in their appearance but hold similarities to Vulcans, having the same ideas of intelligence and enlightenment.  Their view on emotions is different.  They view emotions as a positive when used properly and express their emotions when need be.

Personality traits: Intelligent, withdrawn, perceptive, straight to the point, ironic humor

posted: 1 year ago
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